The Problem

Dancing is a language. Your partner has to know the same language as you, if you are going to dance together.
~ Billy Fajardo, hustle and salsa instructor, judge, organizer and world champion

The problem is ambiguous communication.

Millions of people happily dance every day. How do they do it? They use subconscious cues that are ingrained in their muscle memory through years of experience. Since, they do not know what these subconscious cues are, there is a lot of noise in the communication, leading to many problems.

You probably do not have a name for the method you are using to communicate. You probably cannot list the principles, rules and signals of your communication method in a simple, logical format. In other words, while you may be doing something that seems to work, you do not know exactly what it is you are doing.

I was watching a salsa video. I knew right away the instructor could not be leading the move the way he said. I re-played his demonstration in slow motion, and sure enough, he said one thing, but did another.

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