Benefits: What this Book Does for You and Why

Thank you for so much Andy. You have opened my eyes in ways I never could have imagined.
~ Cheryl, Israeli dancer

Anyone can dance enjoyably with a partner, once you know how to communicate. This book shows you how to communicate, so you can make every dance a pleasure.

Communicate Every Step Following Three Laws and Three Signals

You can communicate every step in every social dance by following three simple laws and using just three signals.

Stop! Read that last sentence again.

Can that be true?


By following the Three Laws and using the Three Signals of you can unambiguously communicate every step in every social dance.

This astounding discovery is the reason for this book.

Have Fun

Social dancing is about having fun. You have more fun in a welcoming atmosphere.

helps you enjoy your dance experiences more by addressing all aspects of the communication that goes on between dance partners. You learn to create a respectful, non-judgmental relationship between you and your dance partner, so no matter what your level, you can dance with people of every other level, and have a good time.

Feel More Comfortable, Confident and Popular

When you understand the principles of how to communicate with a partner, you dance with confidence. You feel more comfortable. You feel more popular. You will have people lined up to dance with you again and again.

Dance Safely, Free From Injury and Stress

I have a shoulder injury. Even slight stress inflames the joint. With many people, my shoulder starts hurting almost immediately. With , I can dance all night without any strain.

You learn how to dance safely. You learn how to dance with your partner, without doing anything to your partner. You learn how to communicate through body language, without the use of pressure and tension.

Gentlest Method

You have the gentlest lead. ~ Rene, vintage waltz dancer

Since there is no use of force, is the gentlest possible method of dancing with a partner. You learn to dance as light as a feather, which is a joy for you and your partner.

Greatest Freedom of Expression

You are so musical. I love dancing with you.
~ Rosanna, Argentine tango dancer

Since you dance without tension and pressure, you have the maximum physical freedom of movement. This along with clearly defined rules, gives you the greatest freedom of expression. You can improvise as your partner inspires you and the music moves you, adding meaning to your dancing.

Improve Your Balance

You move like a cat.
~ Andrea, Argentine tango instructor

You learn how to move so you stay balanced. When you are balanced you are in control of your body. This gives you the ability to respond to your partner's movement. Only when you are balanced can you communicate completely.

Dance Naturally

I can never tell if I am following you or if I am leading myself.
~ Esther, West Coast swing dance teacher

You learn to dance so naturally, the woman does not feel she is being led. The woman simply follows the natural flow of her body.

Works for Choreographed Dances Too

I am a believer.
~ Cyd, Israeli dancer

works for choreographed dances too. You learn how to do every choreographed dance whether you and your partner know the steps or not. You learn how to dance together, so you are not just doing choreography, but are two people dancing as one.

Universal Method for Communicating

How do you know so many dances?
~ Dina, social dancer

You only need to learn to communicate once. You use the same method in all your dancing. We have tested on dozens of social dances and countless pieces of choreography. works for every dance that we know. Here are some of the dances we tested: Argentine tango, balboa, bachata, ballroom, blues, Cajun, cha cha, contra, Country Western, East Coast swing, English country, folk, foxtrot, hustle, international, Israeli, Latin, lindy hop, mambo, nightclub two step, Nordic, polka, round, rumba, salsa, samba, square, Texas two-step, waltz, West Coast swing, Western style square, zydeco and many others.

Learn New Dances Faster

I went to my first class in nightclub two step. The instructor told me this was an advanced class. He said I could watch. If I felt I could keep up, I could jump in. I jumped in right away. When I rotated to the instructor's partner, she wanted to know where I had been dancing. I was already better than the other students in the class, not because I knew more moves, but because I knew how to dance with a partner.

You learn the skills of dancing with a partner that apply to every dance. Once you know how to dance with a partner, you learn new dances more easily.

Empower Your Social Life

I was in South Florida for a week. Friday I went to Argentine tango. Saturday I took my sister to the movies. Sunday I went to salsa. Monday I went to lindy swing. Tuesday I went to hustle. Wednesday I visited my cousins. Thursday I went to Argentine tango. Friday I went ballroom dancing. Afterwards I stayed for West Coast swing, hustle and country two step.

Being able to do many dances empowers your social life. You can go out dancing almost every night, almost everywhere, meet people and have fun.

Works Even If Your Partner Does Not Know

That was the most beautiful waltz I ever danced. I felt like I was dreaming.
~ Evan, social dancer

You learn the fundamental principles for dancing with a partner. Even if your partner does not know these principles, they still work for you. Your partner will appreciate them.

Learn the Language for Dancing with a Partner

is so accurate, you can communicate better when the follower is blindfolded, because she is not tempted to use external clues.

should be the first dance class you take so you can communicate clearly with your partner. You learn the Three Laws of that tell you:

You learn the Three Signals that let you communicate each move. You learn how to give and respond to subtle signals instantly.

Get Powerful Insight into Your Dancing

I am constantly amazed how continually reveals simpler, more precise insights on my dance teachers explanations.

You learn new ways of understanding your dancing that you can put to practical use. As you progress, helps you understand your dancing more deeply.

Easy to Understand and Do

Some local teachers disagreed with my advertisement that Argentine tango, although among the most sophisticated of dances, was also among the easiest. Yet, my beginners were dancing tango the first day. One of them, who was taking another class at the same time, said, "That was so much fun. I loved that we got to dance."

is so easy to understand that the main rules are summarized on a single page of paper, which you can learn in an afternoon.

Be the Smartest Dancer in Your Group, Accelerate Your Progress with the ABCDs

is organized in a simple structure of ABCD, which helps you learn faster. While others are trying to assimilate hundreds of pointers, you see the whole picture in a way you can easily remember. You understand more of what your dance teachers tell you. You are better able to apply what you learn to take your dancing to a new level.

Get Better Each Time You Go Dancing

"Practice does not make perfect. Practice makes permanence." I heard this from a wise dance teacher who warned, that you have to be careful you are practicing skills that make you better and are not reinforcing bad habits that make you worse.

guides your progress, so you know you are practicing the correct skills in the right way. You invest years into the dancing that you love. As long as you have made this commitment, give yourself every opportunity to improve. Be sure you are learning the skills that help your dancing flourish. Make sure you get better each time you go dancing.

Helps Dance Teachers

helps dance teachers by providing a simple explanation of how to communicate. The ABCDs make teaching easier by providing a consistent set of ideas across all dances. Your students are better able to apply what you teach them.

Points to Remember

  1. Anyone can dance enjoyably with a partner, once you know how to communicate.
  2. You can communicate every step by following the Three Laws and using the Three Signals.
  3. You learn to dance safely, free from injury and stress.
  4. You feel more comfortable, confident and popular.
  5. You only need to learn to communicate once. You apply those principles in all your dancing.
  6. What you learn works for choreographed dances too.
  7. What you learn works even if your partner does not know the same principles.
  8. You learn faster, understand more and accelerate your progress.
  9. Helps dance teachers by providing a simple explanation of how to communicate.

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Be the Smartest Dancer in Your Group

Communicate Every Step in Every Social Dance Unambiguously

Learn the Only Clearly Defined Method of Leading and Following

Dance the Natural, Gentle, Easy Way

Dance Safely, Free from Injury and Stress

Feel More Comfortable, Confident and Popular

Accelerate Your Progress

Take Your Dancing to a New Level

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