Social Dancing

The dance has to fit the music.
~ Yoav Ashriel, Israeli folk dance choreographer

To The Music

What is dancing? Dancing is your expression of the music.

If you are just doing steps and the music is no more than a metronome, then you are marching, not dancing.

The violins are on the move.
~ Ney Milo, Argentine tango performer and instructor

The artistry is your interpretation of the music through your movement. You must listen to the music, not only the beat, all the music, and connect what you hear to what you do.

Two People Dancing as One

Why are you dancing with a partner? What are you getting that is unique to partner dancing?

Whether at a dance camp, a lindy exchange or an evening social, when most of the people have gone home, and the time is late, when there is nobody left to see, that is when the best dancing starts. Everyone left is loose. You feel a bit delirious. You are wholly in the present. You can do something with another person you can do in no other way. For a magic moment you become one with your partner, the music and your community.

In a word, connection.

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