Before we congratulate ourselves for our victories or mope over our losses, remember the most important things in life are determined by luck, the most important being who your parents are. I got lucky.

For my parents Sheldon and Edith Weitzen.


Thank you to all the people that make recreational dancing possible, organizers, teachers, dancers, musicians and other supporters. If you have ever thought you wanted to contribute to the well being of others, you have succeeded.

Meaning comes from relationships. Dancing gives us the opportunity to develop personal relationships. Much appreciation to my dance teachers, partners, friends and those attending my sessions for their willingness to explore my unconventional ideas.

I have always enjoyed quotes in books. I have included them extensively in this book. Rather than use other literary sources, I have only used quotes that I have personally heard.

To those people that have contributed to my development, and so to this book, knowingly or unknowingly, I have attempted to honor them by including quotes from them, stories about them or name them in some way.

The use of quotes is not an endorsement by any person of this book. The quotes are from my recollection, or possibly my wishful thinking. I may have taken some literary license. The quotes have not be confirmed by those attributed. Quotes and stories not attributed are my own.

May you always enjoy your dancing,
Andrew Weitzen

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