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The author, Andrew Weitzen
The author, Andrew Weitzen

Andrew Weitzen has been enamored with social dancing since he first saw Scott Annan's jaw dropping robot during the first week of their freshman year at the University of Florida.

Andrew is an enthusiastic dancer, teacher and organizer of recreational dancing. He dances everything from Argentine tango to zydeco for fun. He loves teaching beginners. As he says, "You have to sow seeds to grow your community."

Andrew specializes in getting non-dancers dancing. He has been invited to community programs, folk festivals, club events, social activities, family programs, special care facilities, religious observances, universities, high schools and elementary schools.

Andrew has been a faithful promoter of dancing, publishing two newsletters a week since 2005, one for folk and one for partner dancing. For the years 2011 and 2012 he ran the Gainesville Dance Association, an eclectic hot spot of social dancing in North Florida, with two to three programs daily of a score of different types of social dancing.

Andrew is a software developer. He has a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Mathematics from the University of Florida. He was the high school chess champion in Alachua County. A competitive athlete, he has played in, captained, coached, refereed, taught, ran leagues and organized sporting programs since he can remember. He played basketball for Gainesville High School. He played in the first Jose Cuervo professional beach volleyball tournament in Florida. He ran the IBM Club sports programs for 3,000 families.

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