Version Notes

These are notes about each version of this book. Changes are not marked.

Major Omissions Possibly to be Included in Later Releases

  1. Few images.
  2. No audio nor video.

Version Notes 00.90 - In Progress, not released yet, started revisions May 17, 2020

  1. Edit whole book
  2. Add testimonials
  3. Move extended explanation of Do Not Tell Anyone What to Do to the Appendix
  4. Rewrite Balance. Add transferring weight. Move Horizontal Movement to Connection and Direction.

Version Notes 00.80 - In Progress, not released yet, started revisions March 18, 2013

  1. This is still a pre-release version, seeking feedback from readers. These version notes are more extensive, because there are more readers.
  2. This version needed the distance of time. Having spent the last few years running the Gainesville Dance Association, and teaching and attending numerous dance sessions a week, the time has come for another revision. While the Principles, Laws and Signals are unchanged, I have gone through the book, re-writing many sections, editing, providing explanations and adding illustrative stories. This is becoming less like an outline and more like a book. The three objectives for this version were to: (a) make corrections to the fine points of the communication system improving consistency in language, (b) give a fuller explanation of the need for an unambiguous communication section in the book jacket, forward and part A, and (c) work with other titles and method names. There still needs to be more revisions.
  3. Moved the Overleaf to Benefits. Moved the Acknowledgements to Dedication. Moved Social Dancing under Attitude. Changed Overview to Dance Language and moved under Attitude.
  4. Added recommendations up front to print and memorize the Rules Sheet.
  5. Expanded explanations under Attitude. Added chapters The Problem, Dance Language and Ten Principles.
  6. Since the chapters on Naturalness and Freedom were so short, and to minimize the length of the contents, moved them under the same chapter as Dance Values. They remain in the same order and logically at the same level as two of the three Dance Values: Naturalness, Freedom, Teamwork.
  7. Under Teamwork, removed "The man's job is to create an enjoyable experience for the woman." This is not the man's job. It is the woman's responsibility to see that she is enjoying herself. Broke out chapters Leaders and Followers. Removed the section on Following from the Appendix and consolidated under Followers.
  8. Expanded explanations through out the sections on Balance. Changed the order of chapters under balance to Taking a Step, Communicating via Balance, then Horizontal Movement. Added the explicit Rule of Plane of Signaling, which was already noted in the text. Under Horizontal movement, removed chart of horizontal movements. Under Procedure for Taking a Step, removed two centers, added more elements, updated the heading sections and points to remember with a more detailed list.
  9. Extensive re-writing under Connection, with updated rules. This entire section needs to be re-read.
  10. Some changes under Direction. Renamed Rule of Signals to Rule of Direction Signals. Changed Rule of Woman's Line of Dance to Definition of Woman's Line of Dance as the rule is implied by the Law of Direction. Added explanation of straight, turn, finish going straight.
  11. Renamed Appendix: Principles to Rules Summary and updated with a more accurate set of elements required for communicating every stey in every dance. Need to go through the book again paying more attention to logical consistency.
  12. Testing title names, these and some other variations:
    • How to Dance with a Partner
    • How to Dance with a Partner, Introducing Harmony Dancing
    • How to Dance with a Partner, Introducing Lead and Follow
    • How to Dance with a Partner, Introducing Partnership Dancing
    • How to Dance with a Partner, Introducing Subtle Moves
    • How to Dance with a Partner, Introducing Super Simple Dancing
    • How to Dance with a Partner, Introducing Super Simple Partner Dancing
    • How to Lead and Follow
    • Partnership Dancing
    • Subtle Moves
    • Super Simple Dancing
    • Super Simple Partner Dancing
  13. Testing method names: Harmony , Andrew Weitzen's Lead and Follow , Andrew Weitzen's Partnership Dancing , Partner Dance Language , PD , PDL , Subtle Moves , Super Simple Dancing, Super Simple Partner Dancing.
  14. Testing method names with dancing: Harmony Dancing , Andrew Weitzen's Lead and Follow Dancing , Andrew Weitzen's Partnership Dancing , PD Dancing , PDL Dancing , Subtle Moves Dancing , Super Simple Dancing , Super Simple Partner Dancing .
  15. Testing method names with dancer names: Harmony Dancer , Lead and Follow Dancer , Partnership Dancer , PD Dancer , PDL Dancer , Subtle Moves Dancer , Super Simple Dancer .

Version Notes 00.70 - September 1, 2011

  1. Changes are not marked.
  2. The Principles and Rules of Partnership Dancing are the same in this version.
  3. Editorial changes.
  4. More anecdotes and expanded sections.

Version Notes 00.60 - July 30, 2010 to October 10, 2010

  1. This is intended to be the first version of Partnership Dancing released to the public. Changes are not marked.
  2. Expanded the Overview to explain the rules of Partnership Dancing in more detail.
  3. On the page for "Taking a Step", added a short explanation of your two centers. Added "How to Physically Implement the Procedure for Taking a Step". This is an important technique.
  4. Consolidated the rules of frame into one rule.
  5. Added a Cheat Sheet to the Appendix.
  6. Minor other changes.

Version Notes 00.05 - February 26, 2010

  1. This is the fifth pre-general release version of Partnership Dancing. This has a fair amount of changes. They are not marked.
  2. Added an Objective section before the Overview.
  3. Under A for Attitude, added a new page called Requirements and re-did the principles, into Social Values (safety, courtesy, comfort), Dance Values (natural, freedom, partnership) and Communication Requirements (clearly defined, easy, fast, universal).
  4. Under C for Connection, explained the details of how to get out of Closed position.
  5. Expanded D for Direction into chapters. Expanded on the rules for visually following.
  6. Added some items to the appendix: Logical Principles, Growth of Partner Dancing, Man's Movement and Mixers. Under Man's Movement explained why it is not possible for a woman to go first and signal all the man's choreography.
  7. Tidied up the logical principles into objective, values, requirements, laws, rules and guidelines.

Version Notes 00.04 - July 10, 2009

  1. This is the fourth pre-general release version of Partnership Dancing. Since only version 00.01 was reviewed (versions 00.02 and 00.03 were interim versions) and this is a major re-editing, changes are not marked.
  2. More editing.
  3. Moved and combined paragraphs from introduction to overleaf that were already addressed in the overleaf.
  4. Reorganized A for Attitude. Included principles of Natural, Universal and Partnership.

Version Notes 00.03 - March 11, 2009

  1. This is the third pre-general release version of Partnership Dancing.
  2. More editing, removing redundant remarks.
  3. Expanded appendix.
  4. Demoted the Social Dance Contract to a principle. Changed the Social Dance Contract to the Principle of Partnership. This is a simplification, eliminating what appeared to be a basic axiom in the Social Dance Contract.
  5. Changed Safety, Courtesy and Comfort to principles so there are now no rules.

Version Notes 00.02 - January 10, 2009

  1. This is the second pre-general release version of Partnership Dancing.
  2. Change contents and chapter numbering to keep chapters as sub-chapters of major chapter sections, so Chapter 3 Attitude has Chapter 3.1 Security and Chapter 3.2 Covenant, instead of these at same level being chapters 4 and 5.
  3. Change the order of the Attitude section. Put chapter on Dancing With Security before The Covenant. Separate out the principle of naturalness.
  4. Stick to Partnership Dancing. Be clear that this book is about the method of communicating called Partnership Dancing. Be clear that this is not a dancing rule book that tells people what they must and must not do.
  5. Changed the fonts and spacing on the contents, adding space between each line and making the side bar contents smaller. Changed the sidebar contents to fit on the page, rather than take up an automatic 15% of the page. This way the contents do not get cut off.
  6. Discuss the man's role as much as the woman's.
  7. Changed the title page. Added an image, added borders and changed the title text to make the page look more like a book cover.
  8. Increased the right and left margins and removed the top and bottom margins.
  9. Changed the chapters on balance to this structure: introduction to balance, law of balance, exploring balance.
  10. Moved all the exercises to the workbook.
  11. Remove leader and follower terminology.
  12. Use the word woman instead of lady. Use third person singular, present tense unless have a compelling reason to do otherwise.
  13. Add appendix with terminology.
  14. Added some diagrams and tables.

Version Notes 00.01 - October 12, 2008

  1. This is a pre-general release version of Partnership Dancing.
  2. This is the first version published online. This version is available to a tiny audience to solicit feedback.

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