Partnership Dancing SM Mini Course

Partnership Dancing Ballroom, Swing, Salsa

Partnership Dancing is the safest, most comfortable, most natural and easiest way to dance with a partner.

To learn Partnership Dancing you purchase the Partnership Dancing Mini Course. Your purchase of the Partnership Dancing Mini Course includes this material:

  1. Book Partnership Dancing SM - the first and only method for communicating every step in every dance unambiguously
  2. Companion Workboork - with dance exercises to learn by doing
  3. Quick Start Guides - Power Point presentations with tips you can put into practice immediately
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Be the Smartest Dancer in Your Group

Communicate Every Step in Every Social Dance Unambiguously

Learn the Only Clearly Defined Method of Leading and Following

Dance the Natural, Gentle, Easy Way

Dance Safely, Free from Injury and Stress

Feel More Comfortable, Confident and Popular

Accelerate Your Progress

Take Your Dancing to a New Level

Learn Harmony Dancing Today

How to Dance with a Partner


Harmony Dancing℠

The Only Method of Communicating Every Step in Every Social Dance

Invented by

Andrew Weitzen


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